Tina's Place regrets that for the safety and health of all involved, as well as the greater community, Tina's Place 2020 season is cancelled. Due to COVID-19 virus.

  Requirements for Tina's Place attendance:
The patient (adult) must have a current diagnosis and be under "treatment" for Stage III or Stage IV (child) stage II and up) melanoma within the past 12 months of arrival. If an application is approved, the patient will be required to supply medical verification and clearance from their oncology healthcare team. Previous guests or cancellations may not reapply.

Applications are NOT first to come, first served. Once your application is received, the board will review it closely and inform you only if your family is selected to attend. Due to the large volume of applications, we cannot respond to every application.

DEPOSIT: Tina's Place has a required $75 deposit for any warrior accepted. The deposit must be paid within 30-days of acceptance or your invitation will be rescinded. The deposit will be totally refunded sometime prior to your departure day. If you cancel for any reason (except for with a doctor's fax explaining that you are unable to attend) the deposit will become a donation to Tina's Place. Please do not apply unless you fully agree with this deposit requirement.  
Note: The application which follows asks if this would be your family's only getaway for the year. Please apply, whether your answer is yes or no. While we do not restrict our guests to only those who have no other vacation options we're especially eager to assist those families who have no other opportunity to escape the daily grind of melanoma treatment.

The information below pertains solely to the patient, not to the person filling out the application. Patients 18 or older need to be responsible for their own application.

*Tina's Place reserves the right to fill dates and offer/rescind an invitation with or without explanation, cause, or reason.

Next Steps

Once you agree to the following steps above, you may send and email to tinasplacemi@yahoo.com to request an application link. In the message, please mention you agree to all requirements mentioned above.

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