Some of the Warriors that visited Tina's Place cottage, which is now closed permanently - 2013 Warriors

  • Donna, PA
    Donna, PA


    "I thank God for allowing me time at Tina's Place and my experience with the love, support and transformation and healing that took place while staying at Tina's Place, God has done some amazing work through Tina's parents after the loss of their daughter. Such a miraculous place of relaxing, resting and healing of relationships. Tina's Place is my own little peace of heaven on earth."
  • Trisha, IN
    Trisha, IN


    "It’s been such a gift to stop and really “be in the moment” in such a perfectly relaxing setting. Watching my son fish for the first time, watching my daughter giggle on the swings, watching my husband get a much-deserved rest while he fishes…All of these things have helped heal my heart. Anxiety and fear have been my daily friends but this week they haven’t really invaded this cottage. Thank You."
  • Melissa, FL
    Melissa, FL


    "We are bringing with us back to Florida so many more things. We found peace, understanding, more hope, acceptance, more love, healing, laughter, more fun. We have all felt the "magic" Tina's Place gave us with open arms. We are rested, happy and hopeful."

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